Sunday, February 22, 2009

Welcome to the Crew

Did you guys know there are already blogs named "The Klug's" and "Klug Family?" Well, there are, so Rach and I decided to start our own Crew. It's not much like a dance or rap crew, but more like an alliterative way to remember our little blog. I got roped into doing this blog by Rachel, who finally decided to put my journalism degree to good use. You will know my posts because they will be funnier and have better punctuation than Rachel's posts.

Hopefully you all know by now that Rachel and I are expecting twins in August. Do you guys see those two black blobs? Those are our kids. We assume they will be much more handsome/pretty once they grow faces. Some book Rachel bought said that happens in the 13th week. This blog is our means of keeping you all updated on the pregnancy and the dynamic duo (once they arrive, of course). Please feel free to respond to our postings (no curse words Grandpa).

We plan on posting pictures of Rachel as her stomach grows during the pregnancy. If it gets too gruesome, I will just draw a sketch and post that. I have been practicing by drawing a snowman with the bottom and middle snowballs switched. Rachel doesn't think it looks like her, but next time I will draw hair and makeup. That should help. Be sure to offer words of encouragement as Rachel's belly grows to roughly the size of Rhode Island. You can offer me words of encouragement as I have to pay for multiple pairs of designer elastic pants. I still can't believe that J. Crew has a maternity line.

Oh yeah, and welcome to our blog.



  1. Look at that hot mama! Can't wait to see you grow! Love you!

  2. oh yay!!!! this just made my life!!!! i'm going to check it every day, so billy better keep up. i am sooooooo excited about this. i am linking to your blog now and cannot wait to share it with the world. this is going to be such a great outlet for you both. WE LOVE THE KLUG CREW!!! (jackson sends poopy pants of love.)

  3. This is so great - thanks so much for working on this to be able to share with friends and family! We're so excited for you, and now so glad to know we'll see how everyone's progressing. Let me know if you want any CK (Carol Knipp ) custom clothes made, Rachel. :-)
    I'm forwarding your blog to Randy and the girls.

  4. Yay!! I'm so glad that you guys have finally joined the blogging world! Congrats again and I cant wait to see you in April!

  5. This is so fun now I am looking forward to reading all about the Klug Crew! By the way Rach - Ann Taylor Loft has a maternity line too. Love you!