Tuesday, April 21, 2009

World Reunion Tour

Have you ever noticed how some bands get together every decade or so, usually when the lead singer is broke or sober, and put on some grandiose tour around the nation. They hit all the old haunts, have a good time, and then disappear again into old age or obscurity. Well, Rachel and I had a reunion tour, of sorts, in the past few weeks. We hit our old hometowns of St. Louis, Chicago and San Antonio over two weeks, meeting up with friends and family and having a great time. Usually the bands will put out some sort of live album to commemorate their tour. However, I only know how to play the clarinet and Rachel sings like Peter Brady going through puberty, so our album would not sell. Instead, Rachel and I decided to make a photo slideshow of the trip (with captions to help explain).

Rachel and I took Red and Lellow to their first baseball
game on Opening Day in St. Louis. It was a beautiful day for
a game, 26 degrees in the wind and humid. The twins
thought they would like the Cards based on their womb
names, but the Cardinals blew a late lead, and Red
and Lellow decided they would rather be Cubs fans.
Rachel, her sister Chris and I made the Italian favorite
Gnocchi. It consists of potato mush, flour, and probably
some other stuff Chris added while I was goofing off.
The food was served at Rachel's Great Aunt Irma's wake.
Irma, you were loved greatly and you will be missed.
One of our favorite parts of the trip was getting
to know our friends Jenna and Karl's daughter
Layna's alter ego, "Super Naked Baby." Her super
power is making clothes disappear and pajamas
appear. It usually happens right around bedtime.
Rachel and I got to tour Chris and Bob's new bar and
grill, Hessler's. It was awesome and the food was great.
So, if you happen to be in South County St. Louis,
you should go to Hessler's and drink a beer with Bob.
This is a picture of me listening to my grandfather/ namesake.
He was probably telling me a story about how the twins
will be Cubs fans.
Here is Mike and Rachel relaxing at Grandpa's house.
I'm not sure if it is a lighting trick, but I can almost see
Rachel's pregnancy glow in this shot. It looks like a blue
halo. Oh, nevermind, I think that is one of those toilet donuts.
This is us with the Klug family at our Godson Kaileb's
baptism. He is the good lookin' bald one in the middle
front. You may not be able to tell from there, but he
had the coolest white suit I have ever seen. I wish I
could have worn one just like it to prom.
Here we are with the Finck family the next day,
Easter Sunday. You will notice that Blue, the cat, is
in the picture while Mom Finck is conspicuously missing.
I posted this one because the picture Blue took with Mom
Finck in it didn't come out too well.
While we were gone, we got a call that Tyson had fleas. He
was suffering from itching and red swollen bites, and not
rocking out on awesome bass guitar riffs, so I deduced that it
was probably the flea on the left. Big thanks to Pat and Kat
for taking care of our sick dog while we toured the US.

We went with our friends Pickle and Jill to the Alamo. Well,
actually we went to the Alamo Cafe. But, just like the
Alamo it had no basement. Also just like the Alamo
they had terrific pancakes. Oh, nevermind, apparently
The Alamo is not remembered for pancakes.

Here is Rachel enjoying the first Non-Alcoholic beer of her
life. She told me it tasted just like the real thing, but I
tried it... it tasted like someone had spilled an almost empty
beer into a glass of river water. Barf!

The reason we went to San Antonio in the first place in fact
was not to eat Alamo pancakes, but to attend our friends Mike
and Maria's wedding. Rachel and I actually set Mike and Maria
up about five years ago. Look at 'em now, eh!
Finally, after the wedding Rachel and I settled down for
some good old fashioned wedding reception crashing. You may not
notice, but I found a neon pink sombrero in the hallway
at the reception hall. I decided to try to pose like one
of those old Mexican portraits from the 1800s too. Yep,
crazy as it sounds, Rachel still thinks I am adult enough to be a dad.


  1. The only other time I've heard of Gnocchi was on Top Chef, which I think Chris and Rachel could win.
    As Paula Abdul says, real men know how to wear pink!
    (I think I watch too much tv.)

  2. I'm going to STL next week...I'll have to check out Hessler's. I'm also working on tickets for the next Cards/Cubs series...Go Cards!!