Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Twins Invade St. Louis

The twins are coming! The twins are coming!

It all started about three months ago. I called my mom and asked her what she thought of me flying home to St. Louis BY MYSELF for what Aunt Chris would call a "me weekend". Sorry Micah and Mal, but at that time I was in desperate need of a break. Judy had trouble answering the question. The mom in her was saying, "yes of course, I would love to see you", but the grandma in her was saying, "I want to see those babies!" After much indecisiveness on my part, my weekend away turned into 10 days in St. Louis with the twins... without daddy. What was I getting myself into?

When I called my mom to discuss preparation, everything was taken care of. Toys, pack and plays, high chairs, strollers, car seats, food, diapers, baby gates... she was ready!!! When her friends would ask her what was new, she responded with "The twins are coming, the twins are coming!"

Anyone who knows me, knows the teacher in me comes out quite often. Sometimes it's the teacher look I give to the kids doing something sneaky in church, and others its my innate ability to be overly prepared and organized. After all the thought and preparation that went into this trip, I was bound and determined to make the most of it. The teacher in me came out and I went as far as to make an itinerary. This itinerary was legitimately typed and mailed to members of my family by my mother (thanks mom). The twins and I were booked solid for 10 days.! Here's the quick run down...

Wednesday -Late arrival. Got the twins set up for bed in the second guest room. Mal began the night in an older borrowed pack and play that gave me nightmares. I had visions of her collapsing thorough the middle because it was missing a bar. So, she ended the night next two Billy and kicked me out of bed. Needless to say Grandma went to get a new pack and play the next day.

Thursday - "Day at the Finck's". Grandma Judy filled her family room to the brim with toys to entertain Micah and Mal. They LOVED all the new and exciting equipment and music. Little did we know all she needed to do was go though her costume jewelry (see next Wednesday).

Friday - "Day at the Nelson's". Micah and Mal got to reunite with Layna and we all got to meet little baby Claire-Z for the first time! Mal thoroughly enjoyed learning all about princesses from Layna and Micah just loved being able to romp around in a new house climbing through tunnels and up stairs. Micah and Mal also got to meet Jess for the first time!

Saturday - "Day with Grandma Klug". Micah and Mal were so grateful that Grandma Klug made the effort to come and spend time with them. We went to Riverchase Pool and absolutely had a blast! Mal grinned from ear to ear when her feet hit the water and Micah, true to form, giggled and splashed the entire time.

Sunday - Church and BBQ. It's gotten rather difficult to keep Micah and Malorie still during church. We made it about 10 minutes before checking out the Webster Gardens cry room, then moving to the nursery. I finally got enough courage to leave them in the nursery only to walk back to church and hear the closing hymn. Then, the BBQ that Aunt Chris "held in our honor" was amazing! She really knows how to throw a good party!

Monday - Day with Aunt Chris at the Pool. We all had such a good time at the pool, we decided to go back. But this time we spent most of our time in the outside area because Aunt Chis was with us and she is obsessed with getting good tan lines. Mal had a lot of fun crawling through the baby wading pool and Micah loved the lazy river.

Tuesday - Back to the Nelson's. Packing up the babies was getting old at this point but I kept at it for a chance to spend another day with Jenna and her girls. Layna taught us all how to pray at church, drive a car, line up princesses for a party, and do laundry. Jenna loved watching the craziness of my life. I truly believe we all entertained each other in different ways.

Wednesday - Lunch with Nana. Packing up yet again and off for a lunch at Parkside. I would image as an outsider this was quite comical... one blanket, two boppy pillows, two travel high chairs, two diapers bags, lunch for the babies and lunch for the adults... only to find Micah's bottle spilling all over all of it as we walked inside... ahhhhhhh!!! Once we were finally settled the twins had a BLAST playing with Grandpa in the hallway and playing with Nana and her bracelets. Nana has definitely been there done that. She knew exactly what would entertain those babies!

Thursday - Day with Aunt Carol. Finally a day to relax at home with one of the BEST Aunt's in the world. Aunt Caorl swooped in just in the nick of time. We were all a little burned out and needed the new energy from our beloved Aunt Carol. She played, bathed, and fed like a champ all with with a smile.

Friday - Home Sweet Home... I think? Uncle Tommy took the train in to help get us to home and then spend time in Jax. We had it all worked out, or so I thought... his train broke and was delayed an hour and a half only to get to the house and find out that our flight was delayed with just enough time to miss our connection. After re-booking so that we wouldn't have to spend the night in the Birmingham airport, Micah had a little accident (10 minutes before we were leaving) that actually brought an ambulance to the house. He is COMPLETELY fine now, I think we were just all a little scared and wanted to make sure flying home was ok for him. The flight was just as crazy as the first one with an extra long connection and very tried babies. We found a play area at the Nashville airport, and uncle Tom was a trooper. However, he wouldn't let go of his cell phone for anything.

Saturday - Home and in bed by 1:30am... WOW! What an adventure! I think when we walked though the garage door I could hear Tyson saying, "the twins are coming! the twins are coming!" I'm not sure if he was as excited as Grandma Judy or not, but we were home.


  1. Oh I just miss you all sooooo much already! I had such a wonderful time getting to play and snuggle with M&M. I love all these pictures, and, most of all, I'm sooooooo relieved to see there doesn't seem to be a huge purple bruise on Micah's forehead like I was afraid there would be. I think that stumble with him was the scariest experience I've ever had, and I'm just so thankful he's ok. Rachel, you're such a good mommy, and such a good niece, to have been so reassuring to me. I just can't tell you how much that meant to me.
    Thank you so much for choosing to go with Grandma Judy's wishes, to bring the babies along. I hope you were able to have your day of relaxation you so deserved, after all the preparation and just plain hard work it took to get out and about to see people every day you were in St. L. I'm glad you all made it back home to Jax safe and sound!

  2. I can't even imagine!!!!! I'm glad you had fun and made it home safe and sound!