Monday, November 14, 2011

Something to Make Us Smile

I have to admit, it's pretty good for a kid with a brain tumor and a kid with no pants. P.S. I only lent the kids to StL for the World Series. They are Cubs fans again as soon as the next baseball season starts.


  1. That made me laugh so hard i cried.

  2. Billy-
    All my thoughts and prayers go out to Mal and your family. I cant watch the video without smiling and tearing up. Our children give us so much life but we pay such a cost with our hearts....If there is anything my family can do for yours, please let me know..
    Jake, Sheila, Konner, and Kyra

  3. Rachael and Billy,
    I have been in Hong Kong and just saw your post on facebook. I am so sorry to hear the news on Malorie. My prayers are with all of you. If I can do anything at all, please let me know. I am thankful you have such a strong family support network and I know they will be there every step of the way. I am mostly thankful for your faith in Christ because I know that He will give you strength you need!
    Love Colette

  4. I so miss those little M & M's I Praise God for letting me share a part of their life even if they don't remember me! I will love them forever!