Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tomorrow is the End and The Beginning

UPDATE: After talking with the doctors on Monday, we learned that the change to Malorie's treatment occurred back on January 4th, and was made by Dr. Mansur. He left no notes about why he made the change when he left for Cleveland, so we requested that our new doctor call Mansur to confirm he intended to make the change, and to get the reason for the change. On Tuesday Dr. Mansur reported that the change was intentional, and that 33 treatments is required for the clinical trial that we were considering. Once we declined the clinical trial, he reduced the dose because there is not a direct link between those last three treatments and a reduced recurrence rate.

And so, tomorrow is Mal's last radiation treatment. She is bringing a veritable posse of family to see her ring the bell to signify the end of her radiation, including Micah, my mom, Rachel's parents and sister Chris. We are all very glad to see the end of the difficult radiation routine and the beginning of what we hope is a long (permanent would be nice) remission for Mal. Time to celebrate Mal's accomplishment and courage, and pray for everything to be downhill from here.