Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Dual Doppler

Thanks to all the contestants that have sent in womb name proposals for our kids. Rachel and I plan on choosing a winning pair in the near future. For those of you who have resisted the urge to send in proposals, please do so soon. The leading candidates right now are from my nephew Ezra, who thinks the R and L names should be "Red" and "Lellow" (he has a bit of trouble with words that start with Y, but that's OK because he is three and awesome).
No real news this week in the Klug house. The twins are riding safe and sound in Rachel's belly region. We did not get to see them this week, but we did get to hear them on Tuesday. We had an appointment with our Obstetrician, Dr. Kim-Aschi, who used a neat little Doppler machine to let us hear the babies. For my Jacksonville homies, it beat the heck out of Tim Deegan's dual Doppler on First Coast News. We heard both of their hearts beating. One of them, I think it was Red, was jumping a bit, and it sounded like an effect from a Mario Brothers video game. I tried to listen using my human ears when I got home, but all I heard was Rachel's dinner of spaghetti pie rumbling around in there.
Completely changing subjects... I've been thinking lately about the rapid changes babies make. Our friends Natalie and Brett's daughter, Tessa, took her first step tonight. One of our God-sons, Jackson, turns one next month and has a head of hair that reminds me of a do-wop singer from the 1950's. Our other God-son, Kaileb, is nearing five months old and I think he can already ride a two-wheeler. My point is this; I know I don't have long to wait for that first haircut, first word, first corn-dog, first date... Tonight, when I lay down I will pray that I remember to cherish the time with which Rachel and I have been blessed. I will ask that it not pass so quickly that I one day ask where it all went. And I will thank God for blessing me with the gift of Rachel and our twins.
And now, the two names we have ruled out this week for the twins... Adolf and Rudolf.