Saturday, March 21, 2009


So birds gather twigs and leaves and sometimes those plastic things from the top of a six pack of cola and make a nest for their babies. Sometime throughout history, if I remember correctly from high school health class it was in 846 A.D, a woman saw a birds nest and decided it looked cozy. Then evolution took over, and from that time forward all women naturally flock to Babies 'R' Us (which was not nearly as cool back in the dark ages) and make a sort of nest before their babies come. They pick out cribs and test drive strollers and mostly buy stuff men and man-birds do not think children need. They paint stuff too - women, not birds. Actually, I guess birds can't paint because they have no thumbs and also aren't welcome at the paint counter at Home Depot. However, come to think of it, I have seen birds paint in cartoons before. I should probably no longer base my perception of reality on cartoons.

Anyway, Rachel took evolution to another level and used her crazy woman brain to concoct a plan to make me nest for her. She complained of paint fumes being bad for kids, and then of general tiredness, and thus compelled my silly man-brain to be chivalrous and paint for her. However, all things being equal, I then used my natural instinct to boss my younger brother Mike to help me paint, and we got it done faster. Now, the babies room is yellow.

Also, the nesting instinct took hold in Rachel's mom, Judy. Judy flew into town (I also don't think Grandmother birds do this, but I have also seen this in cartoons. I guess this is yet another reason not to trust cartoons) to paint some crafty mural on the wall. I wanted a grandiose jungle scene complete with pumas and monkeys and Rachel wanted something slightly smaller. I'll let you all see the pictures to see who won that battle. Also, Rachel abandoned her paint fumes excuse just in time to sit and watch her mom paint. She said something about it being "craft paint" and thus not going to hurt the children. I think she told me she read that in a baby book - but I think she probably tricked me. Anyway, Judy did a great job and the room is starting to take shape. It still doesn't look like a nest though. I guess I should bring home some of those plastic things from the top of a six pack.

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  1. Well Paint fumes cant be all that bad, I painted Kailebs room, hes just fine. and I helped Judy paint Ezra's room when she was pregnant. And Judy decided that the fumes werent strong enough so she took a big wiff and Ezra is ok... Infact hes pretty smart so maybe they increase brain cells... thats an intersting theory!!LOL j/k!!