Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Most writers I follow have some sort of compilation post every now and again - a myriad of unrelated topics all condensed into one column. When I imagine one of these columns being created, my mind's eye pictures the writer sitting down with a bunch of ideas that are not good enough for a column themselves, but just good enough that they want to get the information out. This column, although titled "Musings" like those of my endeared journalistic comrades, is nothing like that. All topics covered are pregnancy related, and are compiled into one column due to lack of time to otherwise discuss. So, have fun with the tasty stew of baby related stuff that is our life.

* As promised, we got a video DVD of the twins during the last ultrasound. Both babies looked great, with stellar organ activity, plenty of fingers and toes to go around, and beautiful little faces. There was a pretty good kicking contest going on in there as well, as the video can attest. This is Red smacking Lellow across the face with a foot, but I can assure you Lellow was no innocent victim. There was plenty of retribution going on in there. Red is still a porker, up to 2 lbs 1 oz, with Lellow not far behind at 1 lb 12 oz. The doctors told us that weight split is still within the normal range, but if it gets about 8 oz by our next appointment we may have some cause for concern.
UPDATE: OK, technical difficulties have kept me from posting the video... for tonight. It is getting late and I am frustrated, but I will find a way to rip the video and get it onto the site soon. Sorry for the delay - just know my babies are super-awesome.

* So, the sex of the babies is revealed on the DVD. However, Rachel and I did a good job of looking away. I didn't even try to cheat this time. The surprise gets more and more fun as the days go by, but I must say that holding onto the DVD is very tempting. I am fighting urges to peek like a kid that fighting the temptation to scope out Mom and Dad's closet the week before Christmas.
* Rachel is done with school for the next year (at least) and resting up at home. Soon she will be confronted soon with triple digit temperatures, rapidly growing babies and an unwieldy baby bump; but for now she is on cloud nine. She's still shocked at her own appearance, though. Her quote after seeing this picture of herself was, "Oh my God." This, folks, is what two twenty seven week old babies in one belly looks like.

* Speaking of Rachel's belly, last night we had a baby's butt poking out of it. It was very evident that one of the babies was wedging up against the tummy with a hip or something. It made Rachel's stomach completely obtuse and lopsided and cracked us both up.

* This weekend I worked though all day Saturday and installed a closet system in the babies room. It is super high-tech with five drawers, four hanger rods and two doors that don't even bump into the top of the closet opening (anymore). OK, fine, so I did have to saw off the top of the doors to fit it into the closet. However, that was better than the alternative of ripping out the top part of the wall near the closet. Also, if anyone can tell from this picture where the four screws I have remaining go, please let me know.

* I am not one to typically read Rachel's copies of O Magazine. However, in the June edition, one article in the Oprah Winfrey love fest caught my eye. It was an excerpt of Michael Lewis' new book Home Game. Lewis is the man who wrote Moneyball, probably the best baseball tome written in the past few years and one of my favorite books. Anyway, I read the excerpt and nearly dropped the magazine laughing. Lewis is a terrific writer, and the story he tells combines bullies, toddlers, cursing, and pool floaties flawlessly. I tried in vain to find the story online, but with no luck. I did however find this excerpt from some magazine I have never heard of - enjoy. http://www.cookiemag.com/entertainment/2009/05/home-game-excerpt There are probably no viruses on the link. I mean, CookieMag.com sounds trustworthy...right? Anyway, if for some reason you find a copy of O Magazine at your local doctors waiting room, check the article out. You will not be disappointed.
* Finally, for those of you who grew up in the 90's like me, you know that Saved By the Bell is regarded as one the greatest TV shows of all time. I'm pretty sure that most twenty-somethings I know would rank Seinfeld, Friends and Saved by the Bell as three of the top five. Ok, so it was pure cheese, but it is iconic nonetheless. Anyway, Jimmy Fallon, who recently took over for Conan on Late Night, is apparently on a quest to reunite the cast of SBTB. I could care less about the reunion, since I thought they already did one and called it the College Years, but I will say that Mark-Paul Gosselar's appearance on the show doing an entire interview as Zack Morris last night was pretty good. Sorry stylistas, but the hair still looks cool. In honor of Zack Morris, here are some names that we will not be naming our children: Lisa Turtle Klug, Screech Klug, Stacey Karrosi-Klug and A.C. Klug.

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  1. Okay, you lost me at the baseball part, but I love seeing the belly pics and reading about the babies' movements! I miss my belly. It was magnificent. Luckily, I have two (two!!!!) AWESOME babies to show for it. Twins are the best! You guys are so lucky.