Sunday, May 31, 2009


It’s about time that I make known to the world how wonderful my husband is…

As I approach 26 long weeks of pregnancy (that’s 6 and ½ months for those of you that don’t like doing the math), I see myself slowly but surly spiraling downward out of control of my own body. I can no longer tie my shoes without help, or some very serious effort. I can no longer stand on my feet for more than an hour without NEEDING to sit down. I can no longer walk… I waddle. My dog thinks I’m a useless whale that won’t play with him anymore. My hips hurt. My legs cramp. I have spider veins popping up in places that I can see, and in places that I can no longer see due to my overgrown belly. I’m having an awful time trying to pack up 6 years of teaching into boxes that will come home to my already crowed house, just to sit in storage until the day I say I need to go back to work!!! Needless to say, pregnancy is taking its toll. The scary part is, when I have time to sit down and think about it, I realize, I still have quite a few more weeks of this left. How much worse can it get??? Ahhhhhhhhh!

On the flip side, there is this part of my life that just gets better by the day. A part that I thought was already as good as it gets. That part’s name is Billy. He is an amazing husband of which words can not do justice. He has always been my rock. He has always been my soul mate. He has always been a loving, nurturing, gentle, caring, thoughtful, and witty, man. But lately, in my time of need, he sure has stepped it up about 500 notches. If it sounds like I’m bragging, I am. Despite his one flaw of being a Cubs fan, he is the best of the best. (And I don’t tell him enough.)

As I stated earlier, this week was a rough one. The final days of school are drawing near and there is a lot of physical and mental labor left for teachers in the last few weeks. On Friday I hit my breaking point when the teacher moving into my classroom started bringing her stuff in for storage before I had my things moved out. I wanted it done as much as she did, but given my “condition” I could not move very fast. It seemed like at lightning speed kids were coming with boxes, and boxes, and boxes. I played it cool for a while, but then I had to break down and call Billy. Without question he asked to leave work early and was there ready to help. I felt like Kate (from John and Kate plus eight) just barking at him and telling his where to put things, what to pack, what to set aside. Did he complain once? NO. In fact, at 5:30 when we finally got home I found myself in tears. I waddled my butt as quickly as possible to the bed to put myself on mandatory bed-rest only to find a package… on his way home Billy had stopped to pick up the best thing for helping a Prego sleep… “The Total Body Boppy Pillow”… total heaven. I melted. I had been complaining about wanting this for a while. As I laid down to snuggle with “total heaven”, tears were streaming, and I thought to myself… How much better can it get???

BK – I love you! Thanks for everything that you do for me! God sure knew what he was doing when he put you in my life.

PS - If you don’t recognize that girl in the wedding picture, it’s me… I WANT MY BODY BACK!!!!!!!


  1. :) me loves you both.

    ps- rach, you do realize your body will NEVER be back, right? i love you, but never my love, never...

  2. Ok..I'm crying as I read this! BK- you are the best!! Rach- I sucks...ALL OF IT!!

  3. I was just talking with Judy this weekend about how much I love your blog, and how enjoyable Billy's writing is. I said he seems so excited and happy about everything, and how I know he's going to just love being a Dad. Judy said, yes, he's just soooooo good!! What a wonderful feeling for a mother-in-law to have and to be able to share!
    Billy and Rachel, you are BOTH soooooooooooo good! And, Rachel, I still remember, about 27 years ago, in the MU Med Center parking lot, stopping about 50 feel from my car after walking 3 blocks to get there after a 12 hour shift, and just crying, that I couldn't go any farther. And that was with just 1 baby! Go ahead and let people help you, and get as much rest as you want and can get. You're still earning it!!! I know you know it's worth it, and I'm saying again, it's worth it!!! And God sure did know what He was doing when He put both of you in each other's lives!

  4. Just stumbled across your blog from another blog I was reading. Congrats on the twins! I have 6.5-month-old identical girls myself and kept a blog through the whole thing too ( My hubby stepped up his game big time when I was put on leave from work. Toward the end, he had to help me lift my leg to get in the car, put on my pants, get off the couch, sit down, etc. HANG IN THERE. I wish I could say it gets better, but it doesn't :P However, the longer you keep those babies in, the WAY COOLER it'll be when they're born. I carried to 38 weeks and the second the girls were out, I missed them. YOU CAN DO IT!