Sunday, November 22, 2009

Headline Surfing

Often lately I have found myself in a pinch for time. I have not had ample time to do all the things I used to do, such as keeping current on current events. Instead of reading newspapers and magazines like I used to do, filling my mind with facts and opinions, I now partake in what I like to call headline surfing. I take five minutes to review the headlines of several different websites, learning all that I can from the fragmented, attention grabbing titles of the articles I used to read. That way, I may not have the whole story, but I at least remain aware of the latest happenings with government (health care bill through the house), sports (Bears still suck) and fellow multiples parents Jon and Kate (apparently she has a new haircut and he is starting a rock and roll band). So, in honor of my new news gathering techniques, here is the Klug Crew version of headline surfing, with all the notable news of the past two weeks in headline form.

US News
Gallup Poll: Average Klug Kid Nap Time Increasing in Duration
Dog Barks at Doorbusters, Bell Ringers Alike

Malorie Maintains Growth Climb - Now in 25th Percentile for Weight
CDC Report: Parents 75% Vaccinated Against Flu

Princess Malorie Refuses to Cede Control of Late Nights - Sanctions Likely
Treasury Secretary: "Babies are Freakin' Expensive!"

Aunt Chris Returns to Florida, New Wardrobe for Twins
Twins on Thanksgiving Travel: "No Thanks!"

Micah Rolls to Redemption, Matches Sister's Feats
Heavyweight - M.J. Klug Goes Up a Weight Class For Next Fight

Twins Seen Partying Two Fridays in a Row
Jumperoo Toy Bounces into Homes Just in Time for Holidays

Headline surfing doesn't have all the fun features of a traditional newspaper - no classifieds, coupons, commentary articles or that Family Circle comic where you follow the dotted line to see everywhere Jeffy has been. However, you can all feel free to leave your comments as letters to the editor if you choose. Oh, and here are some pictures, because every good journalist knows that if your story is short on words, you had better put a big picture to fill the space the editor assigned.


  1. I'd say from the way that girl is rolling her eyes, she's had enough of that particular photo session.

    Aunt Mary

  2. Jeffy sure is some wandering dude, as I remember the same cartoon from about 45 years ago. Which of course made me google it and find out it began in 1960. How come those kids never grew up and mine did?!

    I can't wait to get down there and share in some late night escapades with Princess Malorie and to cheer on the rollin' duo!
    love, love

  3. i want to pull them out of my computer screen and love on them all over again. i miss them soooooo much.

    and you guys too.