Thursday, November 26, 2009


This Thanksgiving I have more to be thankful for than ever before. The addition of Micah and Malorie to our household has been a tremendous blessing. Words could never describe how awe stuck I am at the gifts I have been given, yet I thank God each night as I lay down to sleep as if they could. As I lay down tonight, these are the things I will thank God for giving me:

Rachel, the most wonderful woman I ever met, who God somehow saw just to make my wife. Micah and Malorie, the twin babies that were nothing more than a hopeful prayer at this time last year. Tyson, the pain in the butt howling dog that somehow weaseled his way into my heart. Family; my amazing parents, grandfather, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters, the Fincks and my extended family. Many people in this world claim they have no family. I proudly boast the opposite, I have a great big family. The safety and security that our Armed Forces provide, and to the brave men and women towing the line tonight so I can lay here in comfort. For shelter, love, ability, the gift of flight and all the menial possessions I claim as my own - I am thankful. For the down days, times spent in anger, frustration, envy, fear, worry and doubt I am still thankful, because they allow me to keep perspective on how truly blessed I am.

I will give thanks tonight for all that, and then pray I'm never foolish enough to overlook the bounty I have been given. Then I will pray that those out there who lack these gifts will one day feel the way I do tonight. Happy Thanksgiving all - and I miss your pie Mom.


  1. As always, I'm blown away by your writings, Billy. I'm as thankful God put you in my wonderful niece/godchild's life as you are that God put her in your life. And "thankful" isn't a big enough word to describe how your little twins make all of us in your extended family feel. Our God Is An Awesome God!
    I'm also so very happy and thankful that Abby's here, Katie flew home for Thanksgiving, and Lori surprised us by driving all night from Albuquerque, arriving yesterday afternoon - the best Thanksgiving ever!
    Blessings and love,
    Aunt Carol

  2. I can see Micah reaching for the drumstick. Did he get it? Malorie is obviously waiting for the pie.


  3. happy turkeying klugs!!!! we miss you and we love you!!!

  4. Micah is like our Daddy! he's all about the dark meat!