Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Is That The REAL Easter Bunny?

I can hear it now. I may as well write it. No, Micah and Mal, that is not the REAL Easter bunny you visited when you were babies. That is a super nice woman with way too much pink makeup and a Halloween costume. Here's how it came to be that you're first encounter with the Easter Bunny turned out like a scene in some corny television sitcom...
Sunday afternoons used to be sacred around here. After a morning at church, I would sit on my duff, watching seasonal sports and usually falling asleep on the couch. Rachel would either catch up on some teacher work or be out shopping for something or another. After nearly eight months of crazy, non-routine Sundays, last Sunday fell right into our wheelhouse. The babies fell asleep at about one-thirty, and by one-thirty two Rachel was racing out the door to go shopping at Target. I, for my part, settled in on the couch to watch March Madness and fall asleep. It was a welcomed blast from the past.

Then, somewhere between a jump shot and a snore, Rachel called the house with urgent news. "Billy, the Easter Bunny is at Peterbrooke," she exclaimed. "The pictures are free. Can we bring the kids?" My nostalgic nap interrupted and the magic word (free) having been uttered, I was left without choice in the matter; as soon as the kids awoke we would see the rabbit.

Once the kids awoke, we fed them a quick bottle, fetched their church clothes out of the hamper, and thrust the kids into the car seats. A quick drive later the family arrived at Peterbrooke Chocolatier, a local favorite for all things delicious. Evidently, though, they are not quite as good with cameras as they are at cocoa. Upon arriving at the store we were greeted by the "Easter Bunny," who was nothing more than a woman wearing Ralphie's Christmas gift from his Aunt and a bit too much blush. Anyway, insert poor lighting, some delectable chocolates in the background, and a couple distracted kiddos and you have our first Easter photo. Maybe next Sunday, I'll get a real Sunday nap. Maybe next year you kids can meet the REAL Easter Bunny too.

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  1. just got home from nearly 2 weeks away, and the first thing I wanted to do, (after greeting Randy, Abby and Gracie, of course!) was check your blog. And, I just laughed out loud, twice, at Micah's expression of delight, and at the description of Ralphie's bunny jammies! And, how adorable does Mal look in her pretty yellow dress and fancy red shoes! They both look so fashionable!! And adorable! as always!
    Thanks so much for sharing!! A Blessed Easter to you all!! Much love!