Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Tale of Two Cities

GAINESVILLE, FL: I've been chasing my MBA for about 18 months now, and I have to fulfill a requirement by attending a one week course on the campus of the University of Florida. I chose a marketing class and have all the required books and a positive attitude. Although I will have to spend about 18 hours per day working on marketing, a concept I vaguely remember from my days at Mizzou, I am excited about the class. This student is ready to learn!

JACKSONVILLE, FL: With Billy away in Gainsville for the entire week, I was really concerned. Grandma Finck flew in to the rescue and saved me from spending the entire week alone with the kids teaming up on me. This is her first time seeing the babies since Christmas, and she is staying all week. We decided to go shopping and found out that, true to the stereotype, Micah HATES it. We tried Kohl's, Babies R Us, Publix, the dollar store, even Home Depot, and he had a screaming fit in every store. (Let this be a warning to you, Aunt Chris, YOU WILL BE THE ONE TO HOLD MY 20 POUND SON WHEN YOU WANT TO TAKE US SHOPPING FOR AN ENTIRE DAY!) On the contrary, Malorie seems to truly enjoy shopping. She sits in the little buggie kicking, smiling, and touching the clothes as we walk by. We even caught our little Wynonna Rider taking a dress off the rack and hiding it in her lap. Remind me to teach her that stealing isn't allowed.

GAINESVILLE, FL: SPSS and SAS software... Analytical conjoint analysis and perceptual maps... Multi Attribute Attitude Modeling and market simulations. Who knew marketing was this complicated and why didn't you tell me before I signed up for this class? My brain hurts.

JACKSONVILLE, FL: With the sun shining and the cool spring breezes blowing, the babies were craving the outside, so Grandma and I got the kids out to discover the neighborhood park. The only thing Micah and Mal were really able to do was swing, as they are still a bit too small for hanging on the monkey bars or sliding. Based on the giggles he emits, I guess that Micah seems to enjoy the act of swinging more than his sister. Mal mostly just likes to look around, turning her head from side to side and waving at the other kids at the park. OK, not really, but it looks like she's giving a quick "Hey" to one of her girlfriends, doesn't it?

GAINESVILLE, FL: I feel like a kid at summer camp who is so homesick his stomach hurts and just wants to go home. This is the longest I've had to be away from the kids so far, and it has been tougher than I expected. Rachel sent me pictures and they looked a little different than when I left on Monday - bigger, stronger, and wearing stupid red Cardinals outfits. I have to get home soon to stop the brainwashing! Keep fighting it, Micah, keep fighting it.

JACKSONVILLE, FL: Grandma Finck loves to swim, so the pool has become an every day excursion. Malorie got a beautiful new bathing suit and has really opened up to the idea of swimming, kicking and splashing like a pro. Mal has also discovered how to click her tongue and for some reason she tries really hard while we are at the pool. It is super cute and all the lifeguards and random strangers are already falling in love with her. Grandma Finck also got us another floatation device so that we can play bumper cars in the pool, which Micah loves. It's too bad Billy can't be here to see this.

MBA, Schmem-B-A, now I know why kids skip school.


  1. What a great (as usual!) post!! I'm so glad Judy was able to spend a week there enjoying those wonderful GRAND-babies! She looks like she's in heaven holding those 2 adorable cuties! And the swimming pic - I love it! Sweet. soft babies! I always enlarge the photos so I can see closeups - 3 bathing beauties! I'm sure the other people at the pool just love watching the twins!

    So proud of you, Billy - such a hard worker, great husband and daddy, providing for your family. What a blessing you are!

  2. Oh, I almost forgot - GO CARDS!!!