Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weighty Issues

Recently, Rachel learned that her mother is concerned with Micah's weight. As the rule goes, if one person publicly exhibits concern, there are roughly 7.4 million other people who are also concerned, they are just afraid to speak up. So, we wanted to take this opportunity to dispel some vicious Internet rumors and calm the fears over Micah's weight gain.
  • Micah is only heavier than 80% of babies his age, and his growth has slowed over the past month.
  • He is not considered morbidly obese, and contrary to published reports we are not consulting with a doctor regarding gastric bypass surgery for him.
  • Dr. Oz did call us about being on his upcoming show titled "Chubby Babies and The Parents That Love Them." We turned him down due to editorial conflicts.
  • Micah's Hollywood agent has not been contacted asking Micah to star in the new Eddie Murphy Klump's film, but Eddie knows where to find us.
  • No, we have not sent our son to "Fat Camp." It doesn't even start until summer.
  • Rachel did get me a pamphlet about childhood diabetes for Valentine's Day.

In all honesty, Micah's weight did not concern our doctor during the last check-up, and it does not concern us now. He is a perfectly normal, totally lovable chunky baby. However, he did hear about his Grandma's concerns, and has decided to put himself on a self-directed workout program to slim down prior to her upcoming visit. We caught him during his first workout the other day. Soon enough he will be the fine physical specimen he is meant to be, but for now Rach and I are fine with our little chunk.


  1. I love little chunky babies...Jago was a chunky baby too!

  2. I don't thinks he's all that chunky! but baby roles are mighty cute!

  3. there is NOTHING better than a chunky babe!!!! don't listen to your mama, micah... she's an exercise FANATIC... bring on the fleshy rolls of delight!!!

  4. Before you know it, he'll be running off that baby fat and running you ragged. For now I'd be more worried about whether they plan to gang up on you or divide and conquer once they get mobile.

  5. Micah's just perfect, and soon will have washboard abs from using those muscles in his frequent "Pee Wee Herman" giggles! YAY!!! Squishy, squeezy, healthy babies!!