Wednesday, February 10, 2010

You Don't Know How to Read

My daughter enjoys the finer things in life. While her brother lays on a mat and makes fart noises with his mouth, Mal likes to curl up with a good book. After reading some Shakespeare and a few works by Joyce, Malorie took a break from the heavy nature of those texts to enjoy this board book. She told me she plans to read War and Peace next, followed by something by Orwell. OK, so my baby girl isn't a genius. But our little book worm sure seems to be searching for deeper meaning in this book. You may notice that the book has no words. Or that the corners of the book are soggy from a her chewing on them. She might even be holding the book upside down. But, darn it, that's my baby girl. And she looks awful smart to her proud papa.

1 comment:

  1. I say your little baby girl IS a genius! Not that I have any unreasonable expectations or anything. But, genius does run in the family!

    Your description of Micah at the will signing made me bring up my video of him laughing during dinner - again, brings tears to my eyes! I miss you all sooooo much!!