Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter in Klugsville (By Rachel)

Once upon a time in the land of Klugsville there lived two sweet, adorable babies named Micah and Malorie. Although Micah and Malorie were twins, they were very different. Micah was a brute. He was loud, rambunctious, and wacky. Mal was dainty. She was sweet and poised just like a princess. They were the best of friends and very popular amongst the land. One of their most dependable friends was their dog, Tyson.

This particular weekend was Easter. It was Micah and Malorie's first Easter in Klugsville. They began the festivities on Saturday by going to church for an Easter Egg Hunt. Everyone at church knew Micah and Malorie and were anxiously anticipating their arrival. As they strolled through the front doors, they were showered with gifts, hugs, kisses, and love. They played games and even met the real Pontius Pilate. When it was time for the hunt, they were offered special privileges due to the fact that they were not old enough to actually pick up eggs.

Tyson stayed home to guard the house. Dogs were not allowed in church.

After the hunt Micah and Malorie came home to prepare for Easter. They had guests arriving and wanted the house to look perfect. They picked out their best Easter dress and made sure all of their spit up had been cleaned.

Tyson got a bath... his Easter scarf remained in his dog basket.

On Sunday morning the twins were in great spirits. They got dressed and went to church to celebrate the Lord. He had risen! Malorie sang her Alleluias (during the announcements) and Micah laughed (during the Gospel).

Tyson stayed home. He sat in his chair looking outside, wishing he had gotten an Easter walk.

When Micah and Malorie got home from church they realized the Easter Bunny had come! He left them baskets filled to the brim with goodies. Tyson did not get a basket, and he wasn't allowed to bark at or chase the bunny.

When their guests Uncle Phil and Aunt Sue arrived Micah and Malorie were again showered with love. Everyone dined on avocados and mangoes and thoroughly enjoyed each others company.

Tyson sat on the couch and watched.

Finally, Easter weekend had come to an end. As Micah and Malorie were splashing in the tub getting ready for bed, they reminisced about the wonderful weekend through ba ba's and ga ga's. By 7:00 they were fast asleep.

Once the kids were in bed, Tyson realized he was still awake! He sat on the porch with his parents and realized now was HIS time. He had been patient and finally rewarded the way a good dog should . His mom got out his Easter scarf and gave him a new "pizza". Indeed, it was a Happy Easter for all in the land of Klugsville.

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  1. As soon as I think the twins couldn't get any cuter, you go and post pics of them in the cutest Easter outfits! They're so adorable, and they really quack me up!! Your house is just so full of love!
    And, Tyson is such a good boy. So patient. I'm glad he got a new toy, too!
    Thanks so much for all the pics. I could look at them all day!!!