Sunday, April 18, 2010

Poem in Lieu of Party

Tonight, at this exact time, I was supposed to be driving home from Atlanta. Rachel and my Godson, Jackson, was having his second birthday party there. We were stoked to go see him and his parents, our good friends Paul and Nicole. Rach had the bags packed and I had an I-Pod playlist created for the journey. Tyson was booked with a dog-sitter and we even had directions to circumvent the traffic from Freaknic - the annual roving Spring Break party in downtown Atlanta. Then, a fussy, feverish boy cancelled our plans.
Fortunately for Rachel and me, Micah was not the sick kid. Unfortunately for birthday boy Jackson, he got an early present of sickness. And so, the Klug kids were not able to meet their demi-sibling and visit The Peach State for the first time. But, since we had cleared the agenda for the weekend already, Rachel and I spent it doing pretty much whatever we wanted to here in town. Coming into the weekend, I was pretty excited to sing rhyming songs to a toddler, so I have pent up creativity. So, like that creepy teenager who skips the prom to write a poem, here is my quick rundown of the weekend in sing-songy verse. Nicole, feel free to sing this to Jackson if you want, to make up for all the dumb songs I didn't get to sing him this weekend.

Two Klug kids were set for action,
then the trip just lost all traction.
Jackson's fever shut it down,
and made poor Rachel really frown.
Friday dinner and still no moon,
stalled by playing with a spoon.
We spent the night with Pat and Kat,
and Mal Pal acted like a brat.
She stayed up late, loudly weeping,
all while her bro was soundly sleeping.
Morning, pancakes from a can,
then went swimming and got a tan.
A peaceful lil' Saturday night,
Followed by Sunday morning light.
Got churched up in our normal row,
and Micah's naps ran really low.
Found out the babies like this box,
and Tessa's party really rocks.
Cranky babies went to bed,
and on Hamburger Helper we were fed.
So, our weekend was still pretty tight,
But wish we could have spent it with Jackson White.

Happy Birthday Jackson.

P.S. Micah and Mal Pal reached the equal time point this week when they turned eight months old. They have now spent more time with us on the outside than they spent in Rachel's womb - I just found that interesting.


  1. So sad Jackson's party didn't happen,
    But your song sure got my toes a tappin'.
    Although I really hate to admit,
    Some of your lyrics I just didn't git!
    No moon for Friday's dinner -
    Has my head in a spinner!
    Canned pancakes! A delicacy I've never heard of,
    I guess that makes me a really big nerd, uhhhh . . . dove!
    I really did like your rhyming song,
    Made me LOL and want to play beer pong! (what a stretch!)
    The pics of the twins are so very adorable,
    There's no way little Mal could be incorrigible!
    Aunt Carol's out of rhymes, hold the applause,
    I've already broken too many poetry laws!

  2. Re: Poetry; Billy I'M pushing 83 and I can't be cure so I'll be Corny. Here is a "knee slapper" from my High School days.
    Bill, You could be a poet
    But you don't know it
    Yet your feet show it
    They are Longfellows

  3. :( and :) cuz that was some stompin lyrics... it's like you created your own freaknic via blogging.

  4. Equal time point? You really are a huge P-3 dork, Bill...