Thursday, April 8, 2010

Here Comes Trouble

We have all the preparations done. The baby gates are bought, the outlets are plugged and the cabinets are baby-proofed. However, it has always been my firm belief that Rachel and I are in for loads more trouble than we could ever expect once the kids get mobile. For instance, when I was a toddler, I ate a stick of deodorant. Took it right off of a bathroom sink and ate it. Poison Control alerted my family that despite the disgusting, pine tree fresh scent in my mouth and the extreme salivation, I would survive. I'm sure if I dug deep enough, equally disturbing and disgusting stories about toddler Rachel would surface. Now we are left to wait for the payback for our tormenting of our parents and relatives.

Well, back to our worry about the day that the kids discover forward movement. Ummm, that time has come. Micah began the fledgling practice of crawling today, and has not stopped since. This video does not do him justice, as he is already discovering the entire living room. In the past 12 hours, he has chewed on more dog toys than Tyson has, and that is not a good thing.

Malorie, for her part, is getting more and more anxious to move as she watches Micah go. She gets up on her hands and knees and lurches back and forth several times before collapsing and then scooting backwards in frustration. However, I'm sure that true to form she will soon be crawling better than Micah, as it seem the twins teach each other new tricks daily. Either way, a monumental shift has occurred here this week - there goes our serene, stationary babies, and here comes trouble.


  1. Actually, you didn't eat the deodorant, it was roll-on. You just painted your tongue with it and locked yourself in the bathroom. By the time we picked the lock, you were slobbering like a mastiff. The man at the Poison Control Center was comforting, but he was laughing so hard, I was afraid he'd fall out of his chair.

    Of course, there were other fun times with the gang. Remember the kid who cut his sister's bangs? Or the kid who waddled out of the bathroom with his jeans puddled around his feet and asked the surprised meter reader to pull up his pants?

    Ah, good times! And all that genetic trouble making potential is going to double-team you.

    Payback is heck.

    Love, Aunt Mary

  2. After your text, I went back to sleep and dreamt both twins were crawling all over the place like little speed demons! It was such a fun dream!
    I love this video of Micah, almost in the runners stance, and ready to go! It's just amazing how they can learn to do these things. Such amazing accomplishments! Can't wait to see videos of both of them racing around the room! Thank heaven for baby gates!!
    Much, much love.