Saturday, May 16, 2009


It seems that every time Rachel and I get to see our families is around the holidays. Usually we get home for New Years and Easter. Family has come to Florida to visit us on the 4th of July and Thanksgiving. However, last year we didn't get to go home for Christmas due to our pending medical schedule. So, when Rachel's older sister Christine came to town last week, it almost felt like a holiday, so... Merry Chris-Miss Ya'll.

I even got the day off work on Friday for Chris-Miss 2009. On Thursday we took Chris to a favorite restaurant of ours, The Brick. Following dinner we sat at Biscotti's and enjoyed some of the best desserts in Jax as the sun set.

On Friday, I went and worked at the PGA tournament that was in town, The Player's Championship. I worked on the driving range shagging, washing and sorting golf balls. I got to walk on the prestigious course and almost drove Tiger Woods around on a golf cart. Of course, Rachel and Chris had no interest in hanging out at the course, so they went to St. Augustine and hit the outlet stores instead. Chris bought clothes... Rachel bought Garlic Bites. Tell me there is no such thing as pregnancy cravings.

Then on Saturday Rachel and Chris headed to the Broadway Musical Wicked, which was stopping through Jacksonville. They enjoyed the singing witches and were scared by the flying monkeys. And get this (spoiler alert): The Wicked Witch isn't really wicked. I guess she just has low blood sugar... or was angry that city council raised property taxes, or something. OK, I stopped paying attention to Rachel when she was telling me about the show - but in my defense, I was picturing flying monkeys in a live theater. Pretty cool, huh?

OK, belly pics coming soon, so stay tuned. In honor of The Player's Championship and Wicked, here are some names we will not be naming our kids... Henrick, Glenda, Eldrick (Tiger) and Elphaba.


  1. I love seeing pics of 2 of my beautiful Finck nieces! And the new Dad-to-be looks pretty good, too!
    I saw the flying monkeys here in KC, too. Amazing show! And, poor Elphaba - it isn't easy being green.
    Next time Billy gets to almost drive Tiger around, give Randy a call - he'd be glad to help out!!

  2. Randy, you want me to tell Tiger "What's up" for you? I will probably be volunteering to work TPC again next year. That is, of course, if the kids are behaving.