Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Magic Trick

I usually try to put in a little personal observation or funny anecdote at the beginning of the blog posts. This time, as a not-so wise Nihilist once said, "No funny stuff, (Lebowski)." Straight to business...

During our recent visit to ROC, we made sure the first thing that the tech looked at was Red's head, to see if we could find any remnants or growth in the cyst that was found a month ago. Just as the doctor predicted, Red had performed a magic trick made the cyst vanish. The most plausible explanation is that it was an odd stage of the development of the brain, and we just caught it at the right time to get a return. But, since a magician never reveals how they do their trick, we shall never know for sure. Anyway, Rachel and I were mighty relieved and able to sit back and enjoy the show.

And good news for us, the kids were up for a performance. As the sonogram tech tried to get a picture of Lellow's face, a certain someones fanny kept popping into the frame. It took about ten tries, but finally the nurse was able to get this awesome profile shot. Red wasn't done foolin' around either. When the nurse went to get pics of Red, the little guy turned the back of his head to the equipment several times, as if to say, "Look Mom, no cysts!" over and over again. There was plenty of pushing and shoving going on in there too. Just when it looked to us as if Red was the aggressor, Lellow's toes popped up near Red's chin. I think they are both holding their own in there.

Our nurse this time, just as our friend Jamie predicted, was much better. Sticking with the alliterative nicknames from last time, Rachel called her Happy Helen. I would say she was at least a Chipper Chelsea. She was very fun and super nice to Rachel, which made the experience much more fun. Also, she told us that next time we come, we can bring a DVD and record the sonogram free of charge. So, next month I will post some video and let you all see the crazy in-uterus wrestling action that is going on in there.

For the stat fans, here is the tale of the tape from Friday's visit:
Heartbeat - Red 141 bps, Lellow 148 bps
Weight - Red 1 lb 2 oz, Lellow, 15 oz
Percentile - Red 57th, Lellow 48th
Fingers - Red 10, Lellow 10
Toes - Red 10, Lellow 10
Pictures of Feet- Red 0, Lellow 1
Eager, Happy Parents - Red 2, Lellow 2

Finally, in order to prevent our children from exposure to swine flu, we nixed two more names this week. In the mass hysteria that accompanies our pandemics, we figured you can never be too safe, so we will not name our children names that could be mistaken for piglets. - Red and Lellow, you will not be named Phineas nor Charlotte.


  1. Are you giving away the sexes of the babies??? You refered to one of the babies as "he"???

  2. I'm glad to hear that Lellow's little piggies have had no exposure to the swine flu.
    Seriously, those are the most amazing ultrasound pictures I've ever seen! And, so relieved and thankful all is well!
    Much, much love from the great-aunt!

  3. i swear billy, if you do another blog post again without a pic of rachel's growing belly, i'm goina have to come down there to kick your ass.

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