Monday, May 25, 2009

Dog Days

So, Rachel and Billy are pretty busy tonight, and neglecting me as usual. So, I decided to hop online and update the blog they have also been neglecting. This is Tyson, by the way... You know, the dog.

Anyway, we've had a pretty uneventful week around here. It rained for, like, 49 straight days! Well, dog days that is. It was 7 straight people days of rain. That made for a pretty boring week for me. Not a whole lot of walks or trips to the park to chase tennis balls. However, some cool things did happen though. I found half a hamburger bun and a piece of bubble gum on one of the few walks I did take. I also caught and ate two lizards in the backyard. The rest was pretty typical stuff - rubbed my ears on some dead worms, licked the carpet, squeaked some chew toys, barked at kids on skateboards. Oh, I also Tivo-ed the finale of American Idol! Just kidding, dogs don't do Tivo. But I did read about the winner online. Is it just me, or is Paula Abdul getting weirder and weirder by the day. I mean, I'm not even one of those drug dogs, and I can smell the Vodka and painkillers on her breath every time I see a picture of her. And I love that Ryan Seacrest's sign off line. Very clever, no? Anyway, I digress...

So, as you would expect, Rachel and the babies are growing. Here is a picture Billy took this weekend that I stole off the camera. I'm sure he won't mind me posting the picture. I mean, what man in his right mind would get upset about someone stealing a picture of his wife and posting it to the Internet without his knowledge?

This weekend, Billy and Rachel finished cleaning out the closet in the baby room. In doing so, they completely blocked off my favorite chair. Thanks a lot guys. Other than that, I guess I am pretty excited about the kids getting here. I know it will mean more responsibility for me - no more licking myself whenever I want, no more humping legs or barking late at night when Billy and I are play wrestling. But, on the upside, my friend Lucci tells me she gets all kinds of scraps from her baby sister Tessa's plate. I can almost taste the macaroni and cheese and the chicken nuggets now.

I know how all of you like pictures, so I tried to get some for the post. Here is me trying to figure out the timer on this new camera Billy and Rachel bought. I wasn't able to figure it out, so instead I got Rachel to put this Memorial Day scarf on me and Billy to take a picture of it. I usually don't condone dressing animals up like people, but I went all out for my first ever blog post.

All right, my paws are getting tired of typing, but before I go I wanted to stick with tradition and drop some names that should not be given to the twins. As a dog, I am concerned with Billy and Rachel giving the kids any names that rhyme with words I know. So, let's get rid of any names that might rhyme with Pizza, Walk and Park. And as for celebrities naming kids after foods, that is just plain dumb. Gwyneth Paltrow named her kid "Apple." I mean, for heaven's sake, if you are going to name your child after a food, at least make it a good food, like Peanut Butter, Cheerios or Steak. You guys all have a great week, woof at ya' soon, Wolfgang, out!

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  1. Tyson, I really enjoyed hearing from you. I also like the same things you like, and I've gotten really good at getting whatever humans are around me to throw any toy I bring them, so I can go fetch it and get all kinds of love. Humans are pretty easy to train. I hope you can train the twins to play with you all the time, too!
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