Monday, July 6, 2009

Independence Day

This year was Rachel and my last 4th of July as truly "Independent" citizens, with pretty much no responsibilities aside from making sure we feed Tyson and blow out candles before we go to bed. In reality, we are probably better described as inter-dependent than as independent. I mean, Rachel couldn't walk without me rubbing lotion on her feet, because they inflate and deflate so quickly that the skin over the feet are drier than the Mohave. I need Rachel to keep my calendar up to date, or I'd miss appointments and reality shows like The Batchelorette and Real World. And Tyson needs us both to keep him from starving. But, by this time next year, we will be more dependent than ever before, relying on each other to help with the babies. So, in order to celebrate our final year of Independence, we had my sister Katie, her husband Nick, their son Kaileb and my brother Mike to town for the 4th.

The weekend was filled with all sorts of Florida type fun: trips to the beach, pool time, lunch at the golf course and firecrackers. It was Katie and Nick's first trip to Florida to stay with us, and Mike's first time back since he moved out in April. For the Fourth, we continued our tradition we began three years ago with our friends Paul and Nicole, dining at Al's Pizza and then fireworks at Memorial Park. And while we have done the exact same thing three years in a row, we have had different companions every time, going with Rachel's parents last year and then my siblings this year. So, if anyone is interested in pizza and fireworks with 11 month old babies, start booking your stay in Jacksonville for 2010 now.

Kaileb, Rachel and my second Godson, is in what will officially be referred to for the rest of his life as the, "Huh?" phase. He is nine months and filled with fun and happiness, and as active as any child I have ever met. However, the phase is named after his favorite phrase. He is not quite ready for words yet, but the little cutie will sit and listen to just about any conversation going on around him. Once he decides he needs to interject, he raises his head from whatever he is doing (usually banging on a table he has pulled up on) and says, "Huh?" as he crinkles his brow and waits for you to repeat your last sentence. It is probably the most funny thing I have seen in a while, and has started a new trend between me and Rachel where we just look at each other and say "Huh?"

Finally, the weekend recap would be remiss (read - I would get yelled at) if I did not include a belly pic. However, since I waited to ask Rachel for the picture until 10:30 tonight, she was not to excited to have the photo shoot. She wanted me to apologize on her behalf for her hair, which is not done, and for her makeup, which was not touched up, and for her outfit, which was not color coordinated. However, she make no apologies for the sourpuss face. Enjoy the beautiful mom at 31 weeks. Tomorrow I will update with our latest sonogram results, so stay tuned for Red and Lellow news tomorrow.


  1. Omigosh - I just stopped watching the recording of tonight's Bachelorette halfway through so I could check email and see if you'd posted, so I don't know if Jill kicked that scumbag Wes off yet - I'll go watch the rest now! Seriously, do you really watch it? It keeps me entertained during sewing, and I actually get kind of invested in it - I'm not too terribly embarrassed to say, I guess. Rachel, you are so sweet to keep sharing your pics with us. You look much, much cuter than you think you do!! Billy's right - you are beautiful!! Wish I could be there to help rub lotion on your feet - what a wonderful daddy-to-be!

  2. gosh, we missed y'all for the fourth this year... talked about you so much and how your next 4th will be wildly different. :) can't wait to see you guys in a few short days!

    billy- i'll take over the foot lotioning for the weekend, my friend.


  3. Aunt Carol.. Apparently I still need work with my sarcasm - I don't really watch the Batchelorette or any other reality shows for that matter. However, Rachel was totally stoked that Wes got the boot. See, I pay attention when she talks to me.
    Nicole.. I never pass up an offer for help, but I have to warn you that she kicks if you tickle, so be careful not to play "This little Piggy" with her sausage link-esque toes.

  4. This is my favorite belly picture thus far!!