Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Once, Twice, Three Times a Baby (shower)

So, in case you have not noticed lately, I reference music often when I write these posts. I must say, though, this will most likely be the only time I reference a Commodores song in the blog, so fans of the band rejoice in the title of the post and then fade into obscurity. As for those of you out there that thought the song was a Lionel Ritchie song, I have two things to say to you: First, once you are a Commodore, you are always a Commodore (Lionel was the lead singer of the band); and second, I will probably reference a Lionel solo song once I am a member of the padre cadre and am awake at all hours of the night. If you can't guess the song, you will just have to wait.

OK, on to the shower. This was, as you might have guessed from the post title, Rachel's third baby shower. The first was a shower with all her co-workers from the school where she taught. The second shower was the lovely twin themed shower back in St. Louis a few weeks ago. However, we are tremendously blessed and have enough friends here in Jacksonville that they decided they needed to throw us a shower as well. So, seeing as we have a ton of stuff left on the shopping list to buy for Red and Lellow, we went along with the idea.

This third shower was thrown by Rachel's good friends Kat and Natalie. They rounded up Rachel's friends from as far away as Maryland (mad props to Nicole for travelling that far) and hosted the shower at Natalie's house. The house was filled with awesome decorations, like the diaper cake that from a distance looked good enough to eat, and also great food. Rachel was overwhelmed by the gracious gifts we received, and I was overwhelmed when I had to carry it all to the car by myself.

You may have noticed that earlier I called Nat and Kat "Rachel's friends." I used to think they were my friends too, but then they just exploited me for public embarrassment, so now I'm not so sure. Actually, since I have never minded public humilation, I helped Kat and Nat with a bit of the planning for the shower. Kat came up with a game that involved me, suggesting a "Newlywed Game" type question and answer game, where Rachel would have to guess how I answered several questions. Some sample questions are "Who will wake up with the babies first at night?" and "Who will get peed on first?" Anyway, whenever Rachel correctly guessed my answer, I got to relax. However, when Rachel didn't get my answer right (which was the vast majority of the time), a member of the shower gallery got to choose to either feed me baby food or dress me up like a woman. Needless to say, I left the shower with a massive stomach ache from strained peas, and dressed in a feather boa and a nursing bra. By the way, baby food tastes terrible. Tyson didn't even want to eat it, and sometimes he wants to eat worms. Yes, video of me in drag eating baby food does exist, and some day will probably make it onto the Internet, but it likely won't be until I decide to run for publicly elected office.

Anyway, three successful showers down, and now we have a room full of loot. We are tremendously blessed by our friends and families, and so very thankful to all of you who helped us to get our collective acts together in advance of these births. One would think that all that's left to do now is to wait for the arrivals, but instead we will be busy heading to Babies R' Us for the remainder of the baby loot we have to buy ourselves. And then, Rachel gets to open the package and I get to put it all together. See, Rachel and I work together, in harmony, like the Commodores.


  1. Does this mean there's a possibility of Lellow and Red's names changing to Lionel and Ritchie?!

  2. 'All Night Long...All Night...' NO NO NO!! Rach is reading Babywise! Those kiddos will be sleeping like a charm!! :)

  3. awww.... rach and billy we love you. and your freezer. :)~