Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Moving Pictures

Ever since the dawn of time man has had a fascination with pictures. I learned in history class that cavemen used to draw pictures of the sun and cavewomen used to draw pictures of cave-boys they liked on cave walls with mastodon blood and sticks. Then, during the Roman Empire, the citizens drew obscene pictures on the walls of the Colosseum. The graffiti lasted a long time, because it is still there to this day. Time marched on, and we went from paintings to portraits, from portraits to pictures, from pictures to moving pictures, from moving pictures back to Polaroids, and then eventually made it to digital pictures and DVD's.

However, my puny man brain was stuck in the dark ages until tonight, as I could not figure out how to turn the DVD the nurse gave me of the sonogram into a movie file to post on this blog. I thought about drawing what the sonogram looked like in mastodon blood, but I lacked the mastodon, sticks and a cave wall. However, sheer determination and a little creativity won out in the end, and I present to you the first ever publicly viewable movie of my babies! I know the quality is along the lines of a bootleg movie where the cameraman snuck into the movie theater with a camcorder, but that was the best I could do for now, so you're all stuck with it. Enjoy the running commentary from me in the background. It's like the Director's Cut Edition of the sonogram!

Anyway, along with the movie, here are the updated stats: Red is up to 3 lbs 9 oz, with Lellow weighing in at 3 lbs 5 oz. That is seven solid pounds of baby in Rachel. Both babies have normal sized stomachs, kidneys, brains and extremities. Both have great heart rates in the 140-160 range, which is normal for babies their age.
As for Rachel, we found out today that she passed her second glucose test, meaning that the gestational diabetes scare is over. She measures at 37 weeks despite the fact that she is only 31 weeks pregnant. Also, she has been having some serious pains in the pelvis, which don't sound fun but are common to women in her stage of pregnancy and people who dance like Elvis. Finally, the doctor informed us that unless Lellow flips from the breach (butt down) position in the womb, Rachel will have to deliver via cesarean section. This is because Lellow is "Baby A," and will be the first one born should a natural birth occur. Rach is not stoked about the prognosis, especially given that Lellow has been butt down from day one. However, looking at the bright side, women that deliver vaginally have a higher rate of incontinence later in life.
All in all, it's been a banner week thus far for the Klug Crew. I figured out how to bootleg DVDs , Rachel is healthy, Tyson hasn't puked on the carpet all week, and the babies are growing well and seem awesome.


  1. What an amazing movie - the twins sure look identical!
    Billy, no more talk about incontinence later in life. Haven't hit there yet, and don't want to!
    Congrats on passing the test, Rachel!

  2. Rachel, if you have to have a c-section you will be fine. Just make sure that you get up and move aroundso your muscles become strong and be glad you have a one story house. Have fun at your shower on Saturday, sorry I will miss it.

  3. awwww, hi sweet klug babies!!!!!

    i love you all and cannot wait to see you tomorrow!!!!!


  4. we now dub the twins YING and YANG. that is all.

  5. That video made me tear up! I'm so excited for you guys, how awesome!