Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Two Peas in my Pod... and a Little in my Pants

Yesterday was definitely a crazy day. For once in my life I actually had a day full of events to keep me busy. I have to admit that at this point my life has gotten VERY boring. I’m trying to embrace it, because I know that extreme madness is on the way. Funny thing is, last night I had to face the music and accept the fact that the madness could get here a litter sooner than anticipated...

The day began like every other. After tossing and turning and urinating all night long, I awoke to some breakfast, laundry, a dog walk, some e-mail, and a shower. (FYI – After about 6 days I decided to shave my legs! All the extra surface area sure makes the process rather lengthy.) After showering I went to the home of the Lanes. The Lanes are friends of mine through school. Mrs. Kitty Lane was my “room mom” for two years, because I looped from second to third grade with her daughter. Their family is an inspiration to me. They are wonderful people that really care about making our world a better place. They definitely show this passion for giving back on a regular basis, especially with their new project. They own a service dog that recently gave birth to 11 puppies!!! They are taking care of the puppies at their home for a few weeks to help out the “service dog program”. I couldn’t wait to meet the puppies, so that was my first adventure for the day...

After playing and snuggling with the adorable little puppies, I went to the dentist. It was a regular check-up and for the first time they didn’t try to sell me something. I usually walk out their office with a lighter pocket book. That was my second voyage of the day...

The third journey of the day began by driving to base to have lunch with my wonderful handsome husband (in uniform – even better!). I made the mistake of eating a pickle with my sandwich... I burped it up all afternoon.

After lunch my sweet husband helped me do the grocery shopping. This sounds ridiculous but it has actually become difficult for me to pick things up off the shelves, put them in the buggy, lift them on the check-out belt, and carry them to my car. He made this process SO much easier!

At 3:30 I finally arrived back at home. Billy was back at work. Groceries were put away. I decided to sit down, relax, and get the pickle taste out of my mouth by munching on a bowl of caramel popcorn. About two handfuls in, something strange happened... something unexpected... something wet... down there... I guess you could say there was a little “leakage”. Now you all know I’ve taken the childbirth class, so I knew exactly what to do: TACO – chart the following – time, amount, color, and odor. Done, done, done, and done. I was NOT convinced that anything was wrong, but according to childbirth class rules call the doctor anyway. I told them all my TACO information and that I thought it was probably nothing. However, I suppose that because I’ve been labeled “high risk” they of course wanted me to GO TO THE HOSPITAL!!! What??? Really???

The next step was finding Billy. This was a little entertaining. He didn’t answer his cell phone, so I had the whole squadron looking for him... at the gym... at the food store... at the park... the funniest thing was is that no one looked for him at work... which is where he was... in an office with no cell service! He thought they were messing with him when he got the message, but after checking his phone he quickly realized the truth and raced home. He packed the hospital bags, and off we went, thinking... “Could this REALLY be time?”

And so began my fourth adventure of the day... Up the elevator to labor and deliver we went. Nurse Kathy took great care of us. She hooked me all up, watched the babies, asked me questions, ran some tests, and went to find the on-call doctor. (Thank God I shaved my legs!!!) I felt very calm because I truly did not think anything was happening. The on-call doc came in to do a few slightly more invasive tests and came up with the conclusion that... well... it was NOT the amniotic fluid of my water breaking... it was... well... pee! Yes, I had peed my pants! A little embarrassing, yes, but relief fell upon us, knowing that the babies were not coming into the world just yet. Billy and I were both really rooting for a few more weeks of growth in my incubator belly, which is exactly what we got. We were released and actually made it in time for our breastfeeding class.

So, Red and Lellow gave me a little scare by pushing on my bladder and causing a little “leakage”. Today, all is well! I’m back to boring, taking it easy, nothing to do days – and I’m SO thankful! I am however very hesitant to eat any caramel popcorn today!


  1. oh hun.... so glad you called today. good to hear your voice. get used to peeing in your pants, because even post-baby it will happen when you laugh really hard or sometimes sneeze. :) just a lil bit.

    glad the babies are still cookin. keep your feet up please. may i suggest billy do the grocery shopping from here on out???

  2. i can't stop laughing! :) that is a fun story. i have to admit, i was questionable when i read the initial title... and am super glad that i continued. if you want to chat this weekend or next week, call and i'll come long as we sit on different couches...ya know...the pee. :) j/k smiles!!

  3. Very interesting post, Billy. I have to admit, I was surprised to read you shave your legs! Oh, wait! Rachel must've written this one! Sounds like Red and Lellow are "pushing" for those kegels!
    I guess this dress rehearsal will help for the real thing. Surely there must be some sort of personal locator gps Billy can keep with him at all times!

  4. This reminds me of the time that we were looking fabulous on the dance floor...until...we realized you had several squares of toilet paper hanging out the back of your skirt, just like a tail!