Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Aunt Carol

Aunt Carol is the kind of woman you call Aunt even if she is not related to your parents. Maternal to the nth degree, Aunt Carol is the kind of woman who treats her dog as well as a child. Fiercely outspoken, loyal and devout, Aunt Carol is the kind of woman who wouldn't hesitate to sass St. Peter if she found him wearing a KU shirt at the gates of heaven. Outside of that, I really didn't know what type of woman Aunt Carol was, which perplexed me because she was scheduled to stay with us for a week.

Ever since Rachel forced me to start writing this blog, Aunt Carol has been its most vocal fan. But she hasn't always been a very large presence in our lives. Aunt Carol lives in Kansas City, so outside of holidays or family occasions Rachel rarely saw her after her college years. I had only met her a handful of times. However, Aunt Carol is Rachel's Godmother, and she took a keen interest in the twins even before they were born. So last month we arranged for her to come visit and help Rachel with the kids while I went off to school in Gainesville for the weekend.

As soon as I got home from work last Wednesday, the day Aunt Carol arrived, my worries were instantly gone. The first thing I found out about Aunt Carol was that she was the kind of woman who liked to get down on the floor and play with the kids. I found her rolling around on the carpet making faces and silly noises with the kids; I could tell right away she would fit in well with us.

Over the course of the week, as Aunt Carol bonded with the kids, Rachel and I bonded with Aunt Carol. We learned Aunt Carol is the kind of woman who volunteers her free time to tutor at risk kids. A strong-willed cancer survivor, Aunt Carol is the kind of woman who knits "chemo caps" for others enduring the battle. Never at a loss to tell a story, yet never unwilling to listen, Aunt Carol is the kind of woman who enhances conversations over just about any topic. Ever patient and brimming with love, Aunt Carol is the kind of woman you know will be a great grandmother someday.

By the time I left for work this morning, Rachel and I were afraid we'd be lost without Aunt Carol. The twins lost their morning snuggle buddy, their afternoon playmate and their nighttime confidant. Tyson lost his pal for his evening walks. But Aunt Carol's week long trip and subsequent departure certainly didn't produce only loss. Over the course of a great week Rachel and I gained a new appreciation for our blog's biggest fan. We now know Aunt Carol is the kind of woman who will always be welcome in our home, the kind of woman who will love us and our kids with all her might, and the kind of woman who we will always be sad to see go home.

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  1. Aunt Carol's a little emotional right now, after reading those lovely words! My week with all of you was one of the most enjoyable and special times of my life. This morning when Gracie hopped in bed with me at 6 am, I loved it, but, she's no Malorie! Then when I had cereal for breakfast, all I could think about was singing CEE-RE-AL, CEE-RE-AL! It just made me want to giggle while I eat, just like Micah does. I'm kind of overcome with the love I feel from you and for you all. And my arms are kind of aching, wishing they were still holding those babies. Thank you for making me feel so welcome! Blessings and love always.