Friday, January 8, 2010

Can Groundhog's Day Come Early this Year? (By Rachel)

You know the movie, right? The one with Bill Murray where he finds himself having the same day over and over and over again. Well, it seems as though I could have very easily starred in that film. I know a lot about what Bill Murray felt like. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE staying at home with my beautiful babies. Everyday brings new challenges and experiences, BUT every day is very much the same. At almost five months, the kids are on a pretty good schedule. As my mom likes to say, I force them to be on a pretty good schedule. Every day brings laughter, tears and playtime, snuggles, milk, pee and poop. So, most days, I feel as if I'm featured in the movie Groundhog's Day, except for those rare occasions in which something crazy happens. Yesterday was not Groundhog's Day.

First of all, we are battling our first baby sickness. Micah has come down with a cough. It is the saddest, most pathetic little cough I have ever heard. Although Billy and I try to be the most "Babywise Parents" we can be, when your kid is sick, all bets are off. Needless to say, Micah had a lot of trouble sleeping yesterday. So, Micah and I spent a lot of time snuggling in the rocking chair. Thankfully, Micah's cough does not change his "waketime/playtime" attitude. As you know from Billy's last entry, both babies LOVE to roll on their tummies. So, thanks to Grandma Klug, I was able to change up their usual playtime routine with a new game called "Rollie Pollie Ollie." I get out a big sheet and lay it on the floor. I put both babies at one end and we sing, "Who's gonna, who's gonna win this game... Who's gonna, who's gonna win this game?" as they take turns rolling to the end of the sheet. For some reason they have forgotten that they know how to roll from tummy to back, so I often help a little with that part, due to their moans of frustration. Believe it or not, it is a fun game, and it has changed things up a little.

Later in the day, I noticed that Mal was sitting her chair awfully content. She had been in the chair for quite a while because I was feeding Micah and I unable to move her. She kept flashing me these cute little flirty smiles. When Micah was done eating, I went to move her to the mat. As I unhooked the clasps on the chair, I smelled something. Of course, I did what any Mom would do, I picked her up, turned her butt up towards my face and sniffed. The trouble was that I did it so fast that I brought her butt to my face, and my nose (and mouth) ended up making contact with one of Mal's juiciest, smelliest poop's yet. GROSS. I'm pretty sure I ended up tasting a bit of Mal's poop. So much for Malorie flirting with me, it turns out she was just full of gas and dookie.

So, after a sick little boy, a new game and a taste of poop, I am SOOOOOOO ready for Groundhog's Day again.


  1. Ok, I'll start with the good part - the pics! I can't wait to get my hands on those babies!!! I'm sure everyone must tell you - Micah looks like Grandpa Bob! Even tho Bob was 8 when I was born, therefore I never actually saw him as a baby, but, from the baby pictures, I think Micah looks just like him. What does Nana think?

    Now to "the rest of the story" - OMG - tell me how eager Billy was for a kiss after you told him this story!

  2. Rach- Great Blog entry!! I so wish we lived closer so that we could have 'Ground Hog' day together! Having good company makes the days go by so much faster. Adorable game BTW- I can soo hear you singing that little jingle :)