Monday, August 17, 2009

Good Morning

Everyone in the Klug Crew is on a bit of a high this morning, with both kids having a great Monday so far. I've been scarfing the cookies Chris sent, sometimes for breakfast because I'm a grown up, and grown ups can have cookies for breakfast if they want. Do you see the wild look in my eyes? If you see a man that looks like this wandering the halls of your hospital at 3 a.m, get him a cookie.
Rachel gets discharged from the hospital today and her milk is starting to come in. She is feeling really top-heavy, and asked me to feel her chest... in front of her mom. That wasn’t weird at all for me (heavy sarcasm there folks). She has lost all modesty in front of the nurses as well, often leading me to comment that our hospital room is like a Girls Gone Wild commercial. Although neither child will likely be going home with us today, we are both optimistic that Mal will be home very soon.

Speaking of our cold-blooded cutie, she finally passed her open crib test, meaning that she is off of the incubator bed. Third time seems to have been a charm, as she has held her body temp steady all night. She struggled to take a full feeding throughout the night last night, and kept falling asleep while trying to feed. I think her body was worn out from keeping herself warm for the first time. Anyway, she had emptied a bottle this morning at 8, so all hopes are that she will continue to feed well today and come home soon.

As for mighty Micah, he has been off of the oxygen tube for over 12 hours now and breathing great, and is maintaining his body temp as well. He has taken all his feedings like a champ, and is going to be a veritable wildman once he gets to nurse. However, he is still fighting the Brady’s (explained yesterday), as well as having some low oxygen saturation problems. The nurses call it a “Desat” every time the level of oxygen in his blood falls below a certain percentile. I took a video yesterday to try to help explain it all, so you can watch it below, as it might help you all to understand if you can see what we see here. They have him sleeping in a box top bed to reduce noises and put a cover over it to reduce the light, because they think his problems with the Brady’s and Desat's may be a product of being over-stimulated by all the new experiences. The nurses have informed us that Micah will need to stop having any Brady’s and Desat’s for a few days before he will be able to come home.

Rachel told me this post is good because it is, “Short, and to the sweet.” Based on her feedback, I’d say she probably doesn’t need any more Percocet for a while. But I'll take another cookie please.


  1. Nice job on the instructional video, Billy - better than that old George Clooney as Dr. Doug Ross in ER!!!

    Quite the surprising change in the girls, right Rachel? I was so relieved (literally) when a few days of nursing let them be somewhat more "normal".

    So glad to hear of Malorie's and Micah's good progress.
    Lotsa prayers and love!

  2. Hey cookie monster! Thinking of you, Rachel and the babies everyday! Please let us know if you need anything.