Saturday, August 15, 2009

Malorie and the Mammary

Today Rachel and Mal are perfecting the art of pretending to nurse. Actually, they are bonding and working very hard to establish good nursing habits for Mal, so that she can exclusively nurse once Rachel’s milk comes in. We have been down twice today for her feedings, and will continue to try to be present to either bottle feed or nurse her throughout the rest of her stay in the NICU.

She is now wearing her first outfit her dad bought her, which is a purple butterfly nightgown and hat. She seems to be maintaining her body temp, and so the incubator she has been staying in has been turned off. She is still attached to a temp probe for the next few hours, and if she can sustain on her own, she will be moved from the incubator to a crib.

By the way, if anyone knows what the punishment is for slugging a registered nurse, please let me know. Because, if Malorie’s nurse makes one more condescending comment to Rachel, she may be eating a BK Knuckle Sandwich for lunch. It isn’t even noon and the woman has made Rach cry twice. She is just a bit too overwhelmingly smug and know-it-all for us today. By the way, every other nurse we have dealt with has been an angel, and we can not begin to express our appreciation for them. Debra, Liza, Veronica and Jill, you are all wonderful. The other nurse can bite a big one.

As for Micah, he had a great night, and consistently kept his respiration rate in normal levels. I got to go sit with him late last night and then again for a while overnight. He gets his first bath later today, and may even get to come off oxygen for a while again today. If he does get to come off the O2, and he does keep his respiration rate at a good level, then he may even get to have his first meal! If Micah can stay off the oxygen permanently, he will become Malorie’s roommate in the level II NICU.


  1. Rachel - Jago was on formula in the hospital because he was in the NICU. We had a struggle with nursing, but everything worked out fine. Don't give up.

  2. i will purple nurple the shit out of ANY nurse who is the least bit condescending to ANY new mom... let alone my rach.

  3. Having worked with some downright mean nurses, I sympathize with your frustration and feelings of helplessness when your learning is at their mercy. When the 4 of you are happily at home, I recommend writing a scathingly honest letter to the administration. They need to know so she can't continue this treatment with other new moms. So glad the rest are angels. And so glad the two of you are so totally there for each other. What wonderful parents you are already!
    On a happier note - good job with the shopping, Billy - Malorie looks like the princess she is!