Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Micah's Daddy's Beard and Mal-Staches (How You Can Help)

I have discussed at length Micah's potential H1N1 problems, and his subsequent quarantine. I am delighted to report that he has shown no signs of sickness as of yet, and we find out tonight if the worker was positive for Swine flu or a different Type A virus. In the meantime, Rachel and I have been working with our good friend Nicole to start "Micah's Daddy's Beard." I decided that if I can't have skin to skin contact with my son until he comes home, I wanted to give him something special to look forward to. So, I will not shave my face until both my babies come home.

So, here is where you all come in... Rachel and I promise to keep everyone updated on the kids, make learning about their adventures as fun and educational as possible and to post a video of Micah's first encounter with my grotesque beard. In return, I'd like to ask each of you who are able, to make a donation under Micah and Malorie Klug's names to the Wolfson's Children's Hospital NICU. Click on the following link, then click "Donate Now." Or you can feel free send checks to the following address.

Wolfson's Children's Hospital
841 Prudential Drive
Suite 1300
Jacksonville, FL 32207

Please ensure you specify in either a personal note or the memo line of the check that the donation is for Micah and Malorie Klug, so it will count towards the grand total raised. You can also donate through a link on Nicole's website, We will tally the totals after the kids come home, and post it here as well as on Nicole's website. If you ar so inclined, invite your friends, co-workers, aquaintances and your Great Aunt Laverne to give as well.

For anyone else who would like to join in my follicular crusade, I'd like to challenge you to grow a "Mal-stache." That is my unbelievably clever/cheesy name for a mustache or beard that you will grow until the kids come home. Think of it as the play at home version of Micah's Daddy's Beard. Every day you look in the mirror and decide not to shave, and every time someone comments on your brand new facial hair, you will be reminded to think and pray about the brand new babies who are struggling to survive. Sorry to the girls out there, you probably will not be very good at this game. Once the kids come home, you can email me pics of your Mal-stache and I will post them on the blog. Girls, feel free to make fake mustaches for the pics - ingenuity is not cheating.

I know Rachel and my situation is not ideal, but we are all right and so are the twins. We are fortunate to live close enough to the hospital to visit daily, and have Rachel's mother and a terrific support network helping us locally right now. There are other parents, and more importantly very sick babies that need the help you all are offering. We want to make sure these sweet babies can benefit from all of your generosity, kind thoughts and prayers. Thanks in advance for all your gifts of donations, kind words, and for helping me distract myself and Rachel from our current situation.


  1. i'm not shaving my pits til they come home.

  2. It's Maggie. I guess I'm growing out my hair with Momma.
    I will tell Daddy I want to send part of my arbie-tron check for those babies in the NICU.
    And when I go out tonight I'll see if Becka wants to go to Wally World so I can send the babies toys.
    I love you guy and miss you.

  3. By the by. Bill's and my mother has decided us females should grow our hair for locks of love and donate it in the names of Micah and Malorie!
    Here is the link to the requirements for Locks of Love:

  4. paul's mal-stache has already begun and is quite nasty... i'm so proud.

  5. HI! I am Grandpa Bob's cousin, Ruthie Mossman Powell. I just want to let you know that my family in Kirksville, Mo is praying for all of you and thinking of you. Carol keeps me posted and so does Bob and I have been reading your blog. Keep us all update and our prayers are with you!! Hugs to all of you!!

  6. aww your babies are beautiful. i hope you get them home soon.

  7. I just LOVE how you put the pics of Micah and Malorie right next to each other. They are so precious, and I know you can't wait for the day when they can be together again.
    Overcome with love for those little sweeties! and for the big sweeties, too!

  8. Nic, lol!

    I will try to talk my husband into this. He's probably going for job interviews this week though so we'll see how the not-shaving thing goes :P