Friday, August 21, 2009

Homecoming King

My favorite band is Guster. They have this great song on their fourth album named "Homecoming King," and it's all about... Ah, skip the mildly amusing anecdote tonight. MICAH CAME HOME!!!

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, so have fun reading all that is said by these pics. We are thoroughly excited to have him home so I will not waste much time writing words. By the way, the beard scratch happening in the second picture is unintentional. That thing itches as if it were made of poison oak.

Mal is on an open crib and has maintained her temperature well so far. She has 24 more hours of observation left and if she can eat well and stay warm without setbacks, she will get to meet her brother for the first time soon. If she does stumble, Grandma Judy has promised to bake her a cake with a nail file in it to bust her out of the jail... err, I mean hospital.

There have been some great Mal-staches rolling in over the past few days so I had to make today's "Mal-stache of the Day" a montage. Here is my mom, my wonderful sister Maggie, their dog Belle and my brother Mike modeling the "scrub-type Mal-stache.". This variation of 'stache is typically found in Midwestern trailer parks, Nickleback concerts and Neon Lighted Bowling Alleys. Please continue all the great support, both via Mal-staches and donations to Wolfsons's NICU. My beard will come off when my baby girl gets home. Then we can all talk about another one of my favorite Guster songs, "Two at a Time."


  1. WELCOME HOME MICAH!!! How absolutely, fabulously, spectacularly wonderful!!! Looks like big brother Tyson is pretty happy, too!

    Go, Mal, GO!!!

  2. We're so happy for you guys! Welcome home Micah. One down and one more to go, come home soon Malorie.

  3. WOO HOO!! Such exciting news! B- I figured you would shave 1/2 the beard off :) Looks like it wont be long until Mal comes home too. Now the real fun begins! Love to everyone!


    I am sure Malorie will be home super soon.

  5. YAY!!!!!!!!! WELCOME HOME MICAH!!!!!!!!! He is so adorable! You guys look like such pros already! Sending Malorie ~~~super WARM super powers~~~so she can come home and join her beautiful family!

    Jimmy's growing his beard for Mal! And Olivia and I are totally game for growing our hair out to donate to "Locks of Love", especially since lately we've been up close with so many families struggling with childhood cancer.


    Let the fun begin!

    Good luck!

  7. welcome home precious micah!!!! you have fought so hard. we'll continue sending good vibes for your sweet sister to join you soon.

    paul's still rockin his stache (and yeah, it's itchy too).... and my hair will get chopped and go to "wigs for kids" when mal joins you guys. :)~

    and no, i'm not cutting jackson's hair when malorie comes home. his support was shown with his stache pic earlier this week.

    we love you all. xoxo!

  8. I am so happy to hear this!!!! :-)
    Please post his stats soon, well both of their stats, height and weight!