Wednesday, August 19, 2009

No Swines For Mines

Busy day at the NICU, but all you need to know upfront is that the worker who contracted an influenza virus was negative for H1N1. Some of the restrictions that have been in place for days will be lifted for Micah, including the use of masks. He will remain in isolation because of the flu and MRSA exposure, but we are fine with that. As long as he doesn't get sick, we can deal with scares.

Malorie had a strong day today in support of her little brother. She yanked out her own NG tube this morning, and the nurses decided not to replace it unless she doesn't take a feeding. I am happy to report that she has taken all of her feedings today, three feedings via nursing and one from a bottle, and is still sans tube. She gained about an ounce since yesterday, and should she not regress, is one step closer to coming home. She also disgraced me by allowing herself to be dressed in this garish St. Louis Cardinals bib. She has been spending way too much time with her mother. Notice my face, breaking contact with the camera lens. I learned that passive resistance technique from a P.O.W. documentary I watched on PBS. After the bib came off, I sang her "Go Cubs Go" to reverse the brainwashing that had just occurred.

Micah celebrated being free from the stigma of swine flu by pooping all over himself, and then peeing on me while I was trying to change his diaper. The kid is just plain great - can't talk, chase women or drive and yet still finds ways to embarrass me in public. He was able to make his first attempt at nursing tonight, and was awesome at it from the start. They have relaxed the "no touching" rule for Rachel, provided she goes home and showers after contact, so we will make Micah's breast feeding the last of the day. Micah and Malorie also got pictures of their siblings in their cribs today, and Micah is fascinated by looking at his big sis.

Rachel, while secluded from me over the last few days, has developed such a strong bond with the nurses caring for Malorie that they brought my girl a present today. Julie and Mary bought six onesies for Malorie to wear, and were wonderful enough to include six outfits for Micah as well, even though they have never been assigned to care for him. Again, it is a testament to what wonderful people work in Wolfson's NICU.

We are thankful for a day where no crazy new maladies popped up, and that our kids are working hard to come home. Now, I am exhausted from several consecutive long days and restless nights. I'm done thinking about H1N1 for the night. In fact, I would declare a swine free childhood for my kids if it weren't for Charlotte's Web, Miss Piggy and bacon.
Our first ever "Mal-Stache of the Day" comes from my great friend Pickle. He got a head start because he lives in Texas, and mustaches are mandatory in Texas. Thanks for the kind thoughts, encourage everyone out there to keep giving and growing terrible facial hair like this.


  1. Oh, putting the pictures of each twin in with the other one - what a wonderful idea!!
    SOOOO relieved to hear the H1N1 was negative!!! And so thankful Rachel was able to spend some good, bonding time with Micah! A better day, topped off by FINALLY seeing some Cardinal attire!!
    Thank you to the thoughtful, kind nurses taking care of your babies.

  2. I'm so happy things seem to be improving! My thoughts and prayers remain with you 4.

  3. That is all such great news!!!! :-) It's those little steps that will make the biggest difference, even if you go back a few every now and then. I love all of the pictures and what a great idea, to put pictures of the other one up!

  4. Glad to hear you and the kiddos had a good day. I'll keep sending you all good, happy, healthy vibes and keep my fingers crossed that you will be bringing your kiddos home soon.

  5. YAY YAY AND YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    love you all and will send you pic of paul's mal-stache shortly.... :)~

    as if you don't have enough of him already....

  6. What a great idea to give them pics of each other...
    You'll find that the bond with the nurses in the NICU/PICU is amazing - they love your children almost as much as you do.
    So happy to hear the H1N1 was negative.
    Will keep praying, and threw your beard-thingy link up on my blog. Such a great idea!!!

  7. You guys are doing an AMAZING job..I found you via Nic's blog. We had our son, Jasper, in the NICU for a month, so I can completely understand everything that goes into it on all ends. If you need anything, any kind of support or whatever, just let me know!

    And it is so beautiful that you gave them photos of each other! Absolutely. I love it.

  8. Does Maddy's shoulder peach fuzz count?! Get well kids - Maddy can't wait to play - we love the cards' bib!

  9. So sorry to hear you guys have had some scary issues come up in the NICU. Very glad to hear the swine flu was negative!! As for MRSA, it's everywhere, especially hospitals, so I can't say I'm surprised :(

    I'm going to have to fill Jimmy in on the Mal-stache!