Friday, August 14, 2009

Klugs - Party of Four

I'm back home from the Internet free zone known as Baptist Hospital to get some clothes for Malorie. As we speak, her first ten years allowance worth of clothes are being dried to take to her in the NICU. She is still having problems maintaining her body temperature because of her size, so the nurse said that some nice nighties and long sleeved body suits would be a must once she goes off the incubator. So, daddy ran to the nearest Babies R' Us and bought out the store of "premie" sized long sleeved stuff, and will be bringing her the loot in a few. Rachel got to breast feed Mal at 11 and will give another shot at 5. There was not much feeding going on, but there was plenty of bonding, and the seeds of the encounter will last in both mother and daughter for a long time.

As for Micah, he had a chest X-ray to see if there was anything that may be keeping him from breathing correctly, such as mucus, fluid or an obstruction of the lungs. Luckily the X-ray was negative, and so the doctors still believe all his troubles are just developmental. He is maintaining his core temp just fine, and is actually getting some tummy time in his bed in the NICU. Since the nurses are there non-stop and he is getting straight oxygen pumped straight into his lungs, there is really no risk to placing him on his stomach. Still no food for Mighty Micah, but he sure does show the signs of hunger. As soon as he can stabilize his breathing on his own he will be given the bottle or the breast.

Finally, I want to thank the great many well wishers and visitors we have had over the past 36 hours. Major thanks to Natalie, Kelleigh, Kat, Sheryl, Pastor Bob and Jodi for stopping by, many of them with more gifts than just their love. To Chris, Keith, Nicola and Kirsten, thanks for the gifts from afar. The bouquets is lovely, the mobile is perfect and the cookies will be my all-nighter power food. Finally, to all the family, friends and readers of Nicole's awesome blog - your prayers and support astound Rachel and me. My fingers can not text fast enough to reply to all of you, but please know your kind words, positive thoughts and supportive prayers have meant more than you'll ever know. It is people like you who give us the power to be strong in difficult times. OK, time to go see my wife and babies.


  1. ((((sobbing))) just off the phone with rach.... YOU ARE ALL SO VERY LOVED!!!!!

    billy- i will type for you.... just take care of your wife and precious babies.

    you are all so wonderful. we will continue to hope for health and healing.


    ps- the word "sob" is in my word verification for this post to go through... coincidence, i think not.

  2. Just talked to Grandpa Bob, pride and happiness and excitement and care and love come through the phone quite well. So, sending you kudos of pride, happiness, excitement, care and love through the internet, as well.
    "great"-aunt Carol